Excerpt from The Diary Of A. M. Zing

Excerpt from The Diary Of A. M. Zing

As promised, here is an excerpt of my latest work in progress. I’m sharing the (mostly) finished product with you a little bit at a time. This is your chance to read parts of the book prior to publication. Hopefully you’ll love it so much you will want the book when it’s released.

Remember this is not the final product. It’s gone through a critique group, but not my editor. As you read keep this in mind. If you would like to send me corrections, suggestions or feedback I would love to hear from you. Please subscribe to my blog so you won’t miss a single passage.

Disclaimer: The pages presented to you may change in the final version when published in its entirety, so please understand the final product may be slightly different from what you will read here. Changes may occur due to reader feedback, or the editor tearing it to shreds or I may also take creative license and decide to kill off a character…probably not though.

The Diary of A.M. Zing is a story of a young English professor who finds a box of diaries in her aunt’s attic. She is compelled to read them and is quickly drawn in by the touching stories of the young girl who wrote them, Ana May Zing. The diaries carry Sage through Ana May’s life of tragedy, hardships and growing pains. Sage can’t help but feel a connection with Ana May; however, she soon learns that the diaries may be significant to others, including Caden Donahey, a maintenance worker at the college where she teaches. What is Caden’s connection to the diaries, how will the secrets they hold impact their lives. Read the first excerpt from The Diary of A.M. Zing and watch for more episodes to come. Click the link below to start reading. Your feedback is appreciated. Feel free to share with your friends.

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