Special Deal for Christmas

Hi Everyone! Santa says that you’ve been very nice this year and deserve a special treat. So, here’s my gift to you. Today only, Deadly Discovery and Deadly Deception are FREE!  How great is that? You can get two great books for FREE. You deserve to relax after the busy holiday season, so download the books today [...]

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Excerpt from The Diary Of A. M. Zing

As promised, here is an excerpt of my latest work in progress. I’m sharing the (mostly) finished product with you a little bit at a time. This is your chance to read parts of the book prior to publication. Hopefully you’ll love it so much you will want the book when it’s released. Remember this [...]

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My Christmas Letter to You

Where has the year gone? 2017 has been challenging for me, but it will also go down in the record books as one of the best. I achieved two huge goals this year, publishing Deadly Deception, and Deadly Discovery, which is the revamped Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, with a new title, cover, and some minor [...]

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Reminder to Get Your FREE Copy of Deadly Discovery

In case you missed my announcement that Deadly Discovery is FREE today on Amazon, here is your chance to go pick up a copy now.  This is my thanks to everyone who entered my Amazon Giveways in an attempt to get a copy, but were not selected. I really appreciate it and this is my way of showing [...]

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Exciting News for Mystery Readers

For all my friends who love to read, and especially love mysteries, I wanted to let you know of a great deal. The Kindle edition of Deadly Deception is free Nov. 9-10 on Amazon. So if you haven’t picked up your copy this would be a great time to do so. The holiday weekend is [...]

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My Deep Affection for the UPS Driver

Since I married my soulmate in 2006, I've been a faithful and devoted wife. Today, however, I discovered I have a deep affection for the UPS driver. Several different drivers frequent our home since we order online a great deal, so I do not have a clue which one captured my heart. It doesn't matter, I [...]

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The End is Near

For as long as I can remember those words have struck fear into my heart. But the phrase can refer to a lot of different ends. If you're talking about the end of an era, like high school, it can be both sad and exciting. For some, I'm sure it's frightening. If you're talking about [...]

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Get Ready! It’s Coming!

  Hello Everyone,   Have I got a “Treat” for you! Mark your calendars!   The Books-a-Fire authors are back with more fabulous deals and NEW books to buy. There are no gimmicks or hoops to jump, just incredible prices on every single book. Just point, click, and buy books in every genre for just [...]

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