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Tami’s Big Addventure

Hello friends,   I trust all of you have settled smoothly into 2012.  I spent a nice quiet New Year's Eve with my sweet husband and three spoiled dogs.  But my blog today isn't about [...]

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Characters Along the Way

Good Afternoon Friends, I wanted to share something I experienced recently with you.  During a recent road trip to Maryland with my husband, I had a chance to observe some very interesting characters along the [...]

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Twenty Days Into Nano

Hello Everyone, For those of you who are wondering what the heck Nano is, I have the answer for you. It's a yearly event where writers from all around the world devote the entire month [...]

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The Escape

Hello Everyone, I hope everyone is having a great weekend.  For those of you who are participating in NanoWrimo this year...I wish you much success.  I am attempting to complete it again this year but [...]

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