An Amazing Journey Back in Time: A Review

An Amazing Journey Back in Time: A Review

First, before you read my review of Stairway to My Heart by Marion Marchetto, let me say that writing reviews is a new and unfamiliar endeavor for me.  As a writer, writing a review would seem like a cinch. I found that this is not the case. Telling others that you “loved” or “hated” a book is easy, but telling them why you “loved” or “hated” a book is another task completely.

Because so many readers rely on reviews and because authors must prove to the general public that their books are worth their time and money, I find myself seeking reviews and honing the craft of writing them. Keep in mind, while you’re reading reviews, that they only matter if they are honest. I assure you that my review of Stairway to My Heart by Marion Marchetto is an honest review.


An Amazing Journey Back in Time

Stairway to My Heart by Marion Marchetto takes the reader of a remarkable journey back in time. She skillfully recreates the world of turn-of-the-century Boston and New York through vivid and crisp descriptions.
The story chronicles the lives of Kevin Newkirk and Cordelia Conner. Kevin, in need of a wife that will suit his family and society, marries Cordelia, whose sole ambition is to rise in social standing. With less than a spark of love between them, they turn to others to ignite the flames of passion.
I developed a love-hate relationship with the characters. One minute I would cheer them on and the next minute I wanted to pound them. Ms. Marchetto has the rare ability to invest the reader in the lives of the characters, their feelings, their attitudes and their beliefs. In the world of Kevin and Cordelia, love takes a back seat to their societal roles and Ms Marchetto does an excellent job of making the reader understand and experience the results of class restriction through the lives of the characters.
I eagerly await the next book of this exciting saga and recommend it to anyone who loves a unique story with characters who are as real as your next door neighbor.

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